I listen to a lot of podcasts while I work and this past week I listened to The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey with Renee Swope and they talk about the challenges of real-life engagement. This podcast really struck me because I have recently been feeling the exact same way: have this craving for connection but not being able to fully grasp it with the people around me.


I know it’s mostly my fault, I mean I work at home full-time and am in my own little bubble. I sit on my computer, looking at a screen and creating the online environments that help people connect in a way but not fully getting that true deep spiritual connection with someone. When I do get together with friends, I keep the conversation surface level and never really open myself up (I blame my overpowering introvert side). After moving far away from home and any friends, I have been able to meet new people and make good friends but I am striving for something deeper, friends that I can talk about the good and the bad. My husband can be that person, but a girl needs a girl friend sometimes!


Their new book Craving Connection, I am definitely going to read this soon


Renee and Jamie talk about comparing this idea with Christ. It is important to God for us to be connected, especially women. When Jesus was on the Earth, he was never in a hurry, never felt like someone was an interruption. This is a big reason why I chose my 2017 word to be listen. I don’t want anyone to feel like they are not important enough to listen to or that my list of to-do’s is more important than what they have got to say. Only a month down and I still have a lot of work to do, I didn’t realize how much of a habit I have to checking my phone for emails or social media updates, or when a friend calls, multi-tasking with work or dishes. I am not listening, I am not making a deep connection with that person. So I know it is my responsibility to make this change and it requires action!


I hope I can make deep connections while I’m here in Iowa and make some really great friends. They will help me get through hard times and I can help them get through there’s.


If you are looking for a friend, you’ve got one right here.